Cabin Top


Overhead Console Panels

I completed some further work on the overhead console by match-drilling the panel inserts and riveting nutplates into place. The holes were countersunk for flush rivets. I also attached the rear coat hook.

Cabin Top Sills

I hadn’t previously drilled the holes through the cabin top sills into the side decks and longerons. I 3d printed a drill guide overnight. The drill guide wasn’t necessary but it made for clean, perpendicular holes and was probably faster… Read More »Cabin Top Sills

Cabin Center Support

I fitted the cabin top center support and drilled the holes into the cabin top. I 3d printed a drill guide to keep the holes perpendicular and parallel. I started with 1/8″ holes, then drilled to 3/16″ I then match-drilled… Read More »Cabin Center Support