We’re building a Van’s RV-10 in our garage. The RV-10 is a single-engine, high-performance low-wing aircraft that is capable of hauling a family of four almost 1000 miles at 200 miles per hour.

This site serves as our build log, a requirement when constructing an amateur built aircraft. It will also serve as a place to share our experience, provide details on customizations we make, and to document lessons learned along the way. Much of the inspiration to get started on this project has come from other excellent build logs and we’re very grateful for the time and effort so many have made to share their knowledge with other builders. Thanks!



Top Speed211 mph
Cruise (75%)201 mph
Cruise (55% @ 8000′)180 mpg
Stall Speed57 mph
Takeoff Distance360 ft
Landing Distance525 ft
Rate of Climb1950 fpm
Ceiling24,000 ft


Wing Span31′ 9″
Length24′ 5″
Height8′ 8″
Engine260 HP
Gross Weight2700 lbs
Empty Weight1580-1630 lbs
Fuel Capacity60 US gal
Baggage100 lb