Cabin Top Interior Finishing

I have the cabin top off for the last time to finish the interior. I only need to paint the portion around the doors as the rear of the cabin top will be covered with the Aerosport headliner.

I used West Systems Microlight 410 for the final blending. I then applied Stewart Systems primer and filled holes and blemishes with Bondo glazing putty (many iterations of this with many iterations of wet sanding).

I painted the interior with Sherwin Williams Jet Flex WR (satin Dark Grey which is actually a light grey). It has a bit more gloss than I wanted so I sprayed the final coat with a higher water percentage and with more air pressure. It took a few attempts to get the finish I wanted.

I had previously fit the headliner backing while the cabin top was on the fuselage. It will need some minor trimming in the final install.