Tool Cart

I hacked together a tool cart using a Tubstr utility cart as a starting point. I had a variety of detachable bins from my electronics workbench at our prior house and repurposed those parts. There was no real plan so… Read More »Tool Cart

DRDT-2 Setup

Assembled the DRDT-2 deep reach dimpling tool and built side support platforms for the skins. I didn’t follow the provided plan and instead created two separate platforms. That will let me move them around as needed for larger skins and… Read More »DRDT-2 Setup

Tooling Up

Tools have started to arrive! I ordered the RV-10 kit from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool with the Nova drill, DRDT2 dimpling tool, and the pneumatic squeezer. The main box of tools arrived today, a bit worse for wear, but well packed… Read More »Tooling Up