Fuselage Cart

I’m on hold waiting for a tool, so I decided to get started on building a fuselage cart. I looked at a few different ideas and decided to build a cart with two supports, one under the forward seat bulkheads… Read More »Fuselage Cart

Paint Booth

Not enough time to work on the plane.. but priorities. Our outside projects are winding down and flying opportunities will be starting to dwindle so I’m hoping to make solid progress on the airplane over the winter. I have decided… Read More »Paint Booth

Tool Cart

I hacked together a tool cart using a Tubstr utility cart as a starting point. I had a variety of detachable bins from my electronics workbench at our prior house and repurposed those parts. There was no real plan so… Read More »Tool Cart

Ceiling Storage Rack

I used the scrap plywood from the empennage kit and some brackets from an old ceiling rack to build a rack for storing larger parts. It won’t store anything heavy but good enough for aircraft parts.

DRDT-2 Setup

Assembled the DRDT-2 deep reach dimpling tool and built side support platforms for the skins. I didn’t follow the provided plan and instead created two separate platforms. That will let me move them around as needed for larger skins and… Read More »DRDT-2 Setup

Gear Down

I wanted my worktables to be solid but portable. Locking castors are workable but they tend to be unstable. I have seen some retracting wheel designs on the Vans Air Force forums but I wanted to try something with a… Read More »Gear Down

Work Tables

Built two worktables today. I started with the EAA Chapter 1000 design and added a few customizations of my own. I modified the tables to provide an overhang on the sides/ends to provide an easier way to clamp materials along… Read More »Work Tables

Tooling Up

Tools have started to arrive! I ordered the RV-10 kit from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool with the Nova drill, DRDT2 dimpling tool, and the pneumatic squeezer. The main box of tools arrived today, a bit worse for wear, but well packed… Read More »Tooling Up