For all build log entries related to antennas, see the antenna tag.

PurposePartLocationBuild LogNotes
COM1/COM2Comant CI-E22Under rear seatslog entries
VOR/LOC/GSRAMI AV-520Top of vertical stabilizerlog entries
Transponder/ADS-B (in/out)Comant CI-E05Tunnel, aft of fuel pumpslog entries1) 3′ from other antennas
2) Min 3′ coax length
3) Bottom mounted
(or GA37 with Sirius XM?)
Top (cabin top?)1) No closer than 2′ to any VHF com antenna or antenna with harmonic int. at L1 1575.45MHz
2) No closer than 2′ to antenna emitting 25 watts
3) No closer than 3″ to windscreen
4) Not in straight line with other GPS antennas

GA37 5′ from AC

Electrically bonded to ground plane

Van’s doesn’t recommend any penetrations in cabin top (structural) per VAF post
G5 backup GPSGarmin GA 26CGlareshield?
PFD backup GPSGarmin GA 26CGlareshield?
MFD1 backup GPSGarmin GA 26CGlareshield?