Rudder Fairings

I’ll be using Aerosun Vxi wingtips which have rear facing nav lights so I do not need the rudder-mounted nav light. This allows me to save an extra wire run and remove some aft weight. I removed the lobes on… Read More »Rudder Fairings

Empennage Fairings

Now that I’m comfortable with sheet metal, it is time to go back to square one and learn a new set of skills.  I completed a single fiberglass workshop at Oshkosh but I otherwise have very limited experience with fiberglass.… Read More »Empennage Fairings

Elevator Fitting

I have decided to fit the tail feathers for the first time so I rearranged my workshop today to make more room for the airplane. It was also a good chance to tidy things up. I fetched the horizontal stabilizer… Read More »Elevator Fitting

Nav Antenna

I had previously purchased a RAMI AV-520 antenna to attach to the top of the vertical stabilizer and decided that it was time to get it fitted. I first drilled angled holes through the stabilizer skin/flange for the antenna rods… Read More »Nav Antenna