Overhead Console Finishing

I will be clear-coating the carbon fiber interior parts with a satin sheen.

I selected SprayMax 2k Satin Clear, a durable two-part coating that is available in a rattle can. The two parts are combined just before spraying and the can expires 48 hours after mixing.

I followed the Aerosport products guide to prepare the parts. I first used SEM Solve to remove any mold release from the parts. This is done before sanding to prevent residue from embedding into the carbon fiber. I then sanded the parts with 320 grit, removing all of the sheen. I gave the parts another wipe-down with SEM Solve to remove the dust.

I applied a first coat to both the door sills and the overhead console, starting with a light tack coat, followed by a wet coat. Even though I had taken extra measures to reduce dust in my paint booth, I still ended up with dust particles in multiple locations. I also had a few rough spots where I hadn’t applied enough clear coat. I’m not a very experienced painter and it showed in my first attempt.

Instead of adding additional coats, I decided to let it cure for 48 hours and start over…

After the parts had fully cured, I used 320 grit to prep the parts again, removing all of the sheen. I had also taken the opportunity to fill minor defects that became visible during the first coat by using a toothpick to apply drops of clear to fill holes. I again cleaned the parts with SEM Solve and then wiped them down with a tack cloth (I didn’t use a tack cloth in the first attempt and probably should have).

I then took further measures to mitigate dust including running an old HEPA filter inside the booth for a period before starting, spraying down the walls and floors with a mist of water,  and running the booth exhaust fan in advance to clear the air.

My second attempt ended up being much more successful and the finish is excellent and completely dust-free. I’m very happy with how it came out, especially given the results from my first attempt.

I’m very impressed with the SprayMax 2k. It is more pricey than the typical 1 part rattle can clear, but I wanted the added durability (especially for the door sills and center console). The satin finish is exactly what I was aiming for and it highlights the carbon fiber well without adding reflections.

Once it fully cures I’ll be attaching conduit in the aft section of the console, then getting it bonded to the cabin top.