Sun Visors

I’m wrapping up the final cabin top items before I remove it to finish the interior. One of those is the installation of Rosen sun visors.

I considered several different ways to mount these and I ended up going with the recommended installation instructions that came with the visors.

I moved the visors as close as I could to the center support (about 1/8″ of clearance) to install the visors as high as possible on the A pillar.

I centered the hole in the gutter of the door frame flange from the location of the McMaster seal.

This causes the mounting plate to sit partially on top of the door seal flange which works out well as it secures the seal more firmly in that area and it hides the gap from the flat mounting plate to the curve of the pillar. I was originally planning on building up a flat mounting area but it looks good as is. I’ll probably add a rubber shim under the plate in the final install but I won’t do any special finishing here before painting the cabin top interior.