Overhead Console Conduit

I have several wires and oxygen lines that will run though the overhead console.

All of the oxygen lines will pass through the aft bulkhead into the console (including the lines to the emergency oxygen switch which I intend to mount on the overhead between the pilot and copilot oxygen distributors). This switch will be guarded with a cover. This location keeps these lines short and avoids running those lines to the instrument panel.

I am only adding conduit to the aft portion of the console which is inaccessible after installation.

I bonded some cable tie mounts to the console and let them cure overnight.

I then attached conduit to the mounts, with a smaller diameter conduit going to the baggage compartment dome light.

My overhead air supply enters the console on the left side so I routed the conduit on the right side. I have already made holes in the aft bulkhead and I’ll pull these lines through when I bond the cabin top. I left them long to protect the oxygen lines as I route them to the supply on the aft shelf.

I then attached the eyeball vents as it will be easier to attach these now than it will be after the overhead console is bonded.

Next up is bonding the overhead console in place.