Fwd Fuse


Seat Floor Mod

I modified the seat floors (as many others have done) to make it possible to remove the seat stop easily and remove the front seats by sliding them aft. This involves drilling holes for nutplates in the seat floors and… Read More »Seat Floor Mod

Forward Bottom Skin Riveting

I got started on riveting the forward ribs to the forward bottom skin this evening. I back-riveted most of these. The forward bulkheads were then riveted to the skin and to the aft rib tabs.

Forward Bottom Skin Deburred

I completed one last step for the day and got the bottom skin ready for dimpling. I removed the vinyl along the rivet lines and deburred the edges with a vixen file. I then deburred the holes on both sides.

Forward Fuselage Bulkheads/Ribs Primed

I finished up deburring the remaining parts and then washed, etched, rinsed, dried, and loaded them up into the paint booth. I then applied primer. Another batch of parts ready for riveting.