Transponder Mount

I’m using a Garmin GTX 45R as my transponder. The unit provides ADS-B in/out and can stream ADS-B in data to connected devices over Bluetooth (ForeFlight, etc.). For Bluetooth connectivity, Garmin recommends that the unit be oriented such that the… Read More »Transponder Mount

Forward Battery Box

I am installing a dual-battery electrical system. The primary battery, an EarthX ETX900, will be installed in the standard location behind the baggage compartment. The second battery, an EarthX ETX900-VNT (the vented variant) will be installed under the subpanel. A… Read More »Forward Battery Box

Throttle TO/GA Button

The Garmin avionics that I am using provide support for a TO/GA (takeoff/go around) button. When used during a missed approach, this instructs the flight director to perform a straight-out wings-level climb and sequences the missed approach procedure on the navigator.… Read More »Throttle TO/GA Button