Elevator Fitting

I have decided to fit the tail feathers for the first time so I rearranged my workshop today to make more room for the airplane. It was also a good chance to tidy things up. I fetched the horizontal stabilizer… Read More »Elevator Fitting

Nav Antenna

I had previously purchased a RAMI AV-520 antenna to attach to the top of the vertical stabilizer and decided that it was time to get it fitted. I first drilled angled holes through the stabilizer skin/flange for the antenna rods… Read More »Nav Antenna

Firewall A/C Passthrus

  • Allan 
  • A/C, Mods
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I am routing the A/C lines down the tunnel and on top of the tunnel cover under the panel. Bill from Airflow Systems kindly sent me straight fittings instead of the 45 degree fittings that are supplied for the hose… Read More »Firewall A/C Passthrus