Firewall Riveted to Forward Assembly

The next step in the plans was to attach the firewall assembly to the forward bottom skin assembly.

I sealed the firewall bottom flange to the bottom skin with 3M Fire Barrier 2000+ sealant.

Next, the forward ribs were riveted to the bottom skin. I back riveted most of these. Amber helped me rivet the four rivets closest to the firewall as there was no possible way to set these by myself.

I then riveted the forward rib flanges to the firewall and the rivets that attach to the forward bulkheads.

Blind rivets are used for the two ribs that attach to the forward ribs.

I then riveted the forward edge of the bottom skin to the firewall flange.

Exciting to get these pieces back together again for the final time. The end of the forward fuselage section is in sight.