Forward Fuselage Section Almost Complete!

I bolted the forward bulkhead into place and then riveted it to the forward ribs.

I then aligned the mid fuselage with the forward fuselage for the first time (I didn’t do this previously as all of the common holes were already final sized so I had no need to bolt the sections together).

I won’t attach both sections together yet as I’m waiting for Airflow Systems AC to arrive so that I can add nutplates for the bottom scoop before the skin is riveted into place. I could do it later (the AC kit includes rivnuts) but I would prefer to use nutplates.

The final step in the forward fuselage is to complete the forward seat bases. I countersunk and deburred them and set them aside for whenever I prime my next batch of parts.

That’s all on the forward fuselage section of the plans for now! I’m guessing I have about 2 hours left so it looks like I will finish well under my estimate. The final sized holes definitely saved me some time and let me skip over multiple pages in the plans.

Time to start bending skins and longerons…