Tool Cart

I hacked together a tool cart using a Tubstr utility cart as a starting point. I had a variety of detachable bins from my electronics workbench at our prior house and repurposed those parts. There was no real plan so I started with slots for storing the Stanley parts organizers and added more storage from there. The 3/8″ plywood came from the empennage crate.

I also organized my dimple dies, drill bits, reamers etc. by size (in rows) and by tool type (in columns). This helped me better understand the relationship between fractional and decimal sizes, screw number sizes vs drill bit sizes etc.

I used the cart for the airfoil practice kit and it was very efficient. Every tool was in reach and it was easy to spin the cart around to get any item I needed without cluttering the work table or having to walk across the shop to find something.

I placed like sizes in rows and like tool types in columns. Holes are drilled to size so it is obvious when putting a part back. It was very efficient to find what I needed when completing the practice kit and easy to put tools back when done. Labels are in pencil for now in case I need to change things.