Andair Fuel Selector Bracket

I am installing electronic ignition/injection (SDS EFI) which uses a return fuel line. I will be using the Andair FS2020 duplex fuel selector which requires me to fabricate a custom mounting bracket.

The selector arrived from England yesterday (after a 3 month wait) so I decided to proceed with making the bracket.

I sketched out the part in OnShape to figure out the hole positioning and edge distances. There is sufficient material along the edge of the stock bracket for attaching an overlay with 3/32″ rivets. The center of the fuel selector will remain in the same position as the center of the hole in the stock bracket. I’ll remove the web of the stock bracket once I match drill the rivet holes.

I 3d printed a template and then used the template to mark the dimensions.

I started out by drilling the mounting hole and two lightening holes.

I then trimmed and cleaned up the edges. I clamped the template back into place and used it to match drill the remaining holes.

I match drilled the rivet holes to the stock bracket then cut off the sides to be attached to the new bracket.

After clecoing and test fitting the bracket, I countersunk the holes for flush rivets.

Everything fit perfectly with AN3 hardware so I etched, primed, and riveted the new bracket together.

I then riveted the modified bracket into place. One more task crossed off the list.