Fuselage Substructure Riveting

I made a lot of progress this evening on riveting the fuselage substructure together.

The riveting starts with the rear seat brace area.

Then along the longeron and baggage door stop.

The mid fuselage longerons are then riveted to the gussets that are near the rear seat vents.

I then riveted the forward fuselage substructure that attaches to the firewall brackets and forward bulkheads.

Some of these rivets were tricky but everything went together well.

The longerons are then inserted and riveted to the gussets that attach them to the firewall.

A few more rivets..

I’m now ready to start riveting the skins into place but I’m going to give everything a close look first to triple check that I didn’t miss anything that will be hard to address later.