Elevator Trailing Edges and Trim Tabs Continued

My goal today was to get the foam ribs prosealed into both the tabs and the elevators. I also decided to use Proseal for the trailing edge wedge instead of the VHB tape that I used on the rudder trailing edge (the tape worked ok but I decided to try the Proseal since I would be mixing it up anyway).

I started out by clecoing the trim tab spar to the bottom of the trim tab skins.

My order for a narrow 1/8″ female dimple die arrived this week so I took care of that final dimple in the tab. This was a simple task with the right tool.

I then riveted the lower spar to the trim tabs. I used the flange nose squeezer yoke for these.

Setting the rivets around the trim tab horns were tricky but I was able to maneuver the squeezer yoke around carefully to get them all set.

Next up was mixing the Proseal to install the foam ribs into the trim tabs and the elevators. I cleaned up the aluminum attachment surfaces one final time with acetone prior to placing the ribs.

This was my first experience with Proseal. Amber helped me by holding the parts open which helped a lot with keeping the mess at bay. I triple gloved before starting so that I could remove a layer each time they got messy. I don’t have any pictures of the process but here are the results.

I used my leveling jig again to make sure both elevators were flat. I put some boards on top and clamped them down lightly to hold the trailing edges straight while the Proseal hardens.

Everything looks nice and straight and consistent between both elevators. I’ll find out for sure when I attach these later 🤞.

After ensuring that the trim tabs had no twist in them I riveted the tabs at each end with blind rivets.

It will take a few days for the Proseal to cure so I proceeded with the remaining elevator parts.

I cut the hinge into two 35″ sections, deburred the ends, and marked and drilled the two holes on one end of each hinge. I used a caliper to mark the holes, used a center punch to set them, and drilled them with a #40 bit on the drill press.

I also decided to trim the elevator counterweights and get them ready for installation. These were a pain to trim. I started with a hack saw to keep the shavings to a minimum but ended up having to finish them on the band saw.

Time to get started on the tail cone while waiting for the Proseal to cure!