Elevator Counterbalance Riveting

I riveted the counterbalance ribs to the elevators this evening.

Everything was square when I clecoed things up and I kept an eye on the alignment while riveting.

The ribs are first riveted to the shear clips and to the front spar.

The front spar rivets were challenging to see and to get to (you have to reach inside the small opening where the skin isn’t riveted to the front spar).

Next up is riveting the top skin to the front spar flange and the outer flange of the rib. The top skin is completed first so that you can reach inside with a bucking bar for two rivets that are on the inside of the structure.

I then completed the bottom skins. The last two rivets (the interior ones) are blind rivets. I didn’t have a 7/64″ drill to final size those holes so I’ll complete those later.

Making progress.. the end of the elevator work is in sight.