Carbon Fiber Door Sill Caps/Third Latch

I am installing carbon fiber door sill caps from Aerosport Products. These are lightweight and should help protect the edge of the door sill. I aligned the doors and PlaneAround 3rd Latch with this in mind as this adds about a 1/16″ to the height of the cam block.

I had previously fitted the side panels and I installed these to butt the sill against. I cut and squared the ends of the sills, then shaped the top flange to follow the curve of the cabin top.

I then aligned the cam block (using a section of door seal to ensure the correct spacing from the door frame) and drilled the block to the sill.

Everything aligned well and the clearance from the top of block is just over a 1/16″ when closing the door. The top of the block is flush with the top of door seal (also what I was aiming for).