Door Handles

I finally received a small box of back ordered parts that include the gear mechanisms for the door handles.

I am installing the PlaneAround third latch kit and the Aerosport Low-Profile Door Handle so I have three sets of plans that need to be combined to build out the door hardware.

The first step of the Van’s plans is followed which involves match drilling the sandwich of parts to the delrin block. This block ends up being replaced by the blocks included in the low profile handle kit.

The 180 degree 3rd latch mechanism allows the handle to be moved through 180 degrees to maximize insertion of the pins in the door frame. To avoid the handle from latching in both the open and closed positions, the pin slot can be extended on one side, allowing the longer side of the pin to float over the slot when fully opened.

I extended the slots with a hacksaw and file.

The 1″ pins that come with the 3rd latch kit now drop in neatly into the extended slots.

I then primed the aluminum spacer and riveted the nut plates into place that allow the mechanism to be secured into the door pocket.

Next, I worked on the handle release levers. These need a bit of work to straighten and clean up the edges.

At this stage I realized that I am still missing a part that I will need to complete the release mechanism for the handle.

I then started on the installation of the Aerosport Low Profile Door Handle. I’m planning on fitting this hardware so I can test everything before bonding the door halves.

This process was simple to follow and everything fit well. I’ll make the holes in the exterior shell after bonding the halves.