Electric Aileron Trim

I am installing the Van’s RV-10 Electric Aileron Trim Kit (EA-10 KIT) in the right wing to keep it in the same wing as the Garmin GSA-28 roll servo.

The kit uses a spring bias mechanism operated with a Ray Allen T2-10A servo to provide electric trim. This will be controlled via a hat switch on the stick and via the roll servo when the autopilot is engaged.

The kit is easy to assemble and mounts to the inboard-most wing access panel.

After priming, I assembled the kit and attached it to the access panel.

Brackets are attached to the aileron pushrod for mounting the springs. I set the trim motor to the center position, marked the pushrod when in the neutral position, then drilled holes for the brackets. These are mounted with LP4-3 rivets.

I mounted the pushrod back in the wing but I didn’t connect the springs yet. They look like they will be fun to connect so I’ll tackle that later when I’m ready to do the final rigging.