Wing Gap Fairings

The aileron and elevator gap fairings were ready to be installed so I started riveting these into place.

The rivets were easy to set until I got to those under the inboard bottom wing skins (which are already riveted into place on the quick-build wings).

I tried as best as I could to reach them and then decided that there was no way I was going to get a bucking bar on all of these.

I eventually decided to call Van’s builder support. I was told that blind rivets are intended to be used here for quick-build wings and that I needed Hardware Bag 3108. This is mentioned nowhere in the plans, nor is Hardware Bag 3108 included in the inventory of the RV-10 quick-build wings. This hardware bag was introduced with the RV-14 (which has almost identical wings to the RV-10) but isn’t included with the RV-10 quick-build wings. The bag includes both MSP-42 blind rivets and CR3213-4-6 flush blind rivets. Van’s support decided to send me the bag at no cost so I am awaiting those before I can finish the gap fairings.