Wings Parts Prep

When I inspected the quick build wings I noticed a few steps that had been missed. One of those was the installation of nutplates where the wing root covers attach.

The lower screw holes are to be dimpled and the upper screw holes are to be countersunk. The aft most lower hole is impossible to dimple with a squeezer so I had to resort to using a clamp to get it started and a hammer and a backing block to get it finished. The end result isn’t a perfect dimple but it will suffice for accepting the dimple in the gap cover.

I then finished preparing the remaining holes and riveted the nutplates into place.

I then worked on prepping the remaining wing parts to get them primed and ready to install.

As part of this, I also prepared and primed all of the parts for the electric aileron trim, the j channels, and the gap fairings.