Control System

I had prepped all of the control system parts previously so the install was a matter of fetching the right hardware and getting things assembled.

I first set the lengths of the rod end bearings on the forward pushrod assembly and added safety wire.

I then installed the control column and attached the pushrod. The jam nut on the rod end was oriented to maximize clearance from the pushrod that links the two control sticks together.

I then attached the control stick bases and the linking pushrod. I had pre-measured the spacing of the pushrod and the control sticks ended up parallel with no further adjustments required.

I next bolted the forward pushrod to the elevator idler arm and then attached the middle elevator pushrod.

I left the aft end of the elevator pushrod unattached for now as I’ll likely need to make some modifications to the aft battery mount.

Other than torquing down a few remaining bolts after installing the horizontal stabilizer and elevators, I am mostly done with the control system section of the plans.