Fuel Lines

I had previously purchased fuel lines from Aircraft Specialty to establish the position for the SDS dual fuel pump assembly in the tunnel. I had also previously enlarged the holes for the return fuel lines and drilled the extra hole for wing root fuel filters.

This made the final installation of the fuel lines a straightforward process.

I first riveted the fuel pump shelf into the tunnel.

I then made some brackets that attach to the SDS fuel pump assembly to allow me to secure the return fuel line with Adel clamps. I dimpled the brackets to fit in the countersunk holes in the assembly which gave me sufficient thread depth when reassembled.

To secure the hoses under the forward seats I 3d printed some polycarbonate brackets. They are designed to allow the hoses to be secured with zip ties which I will add later.

I then torqued all of the brake line and fuel line fitting except for those on the firewall and at the wing roots.