Return Fuel Line Holes and Fuselage Skin Deburring

I’m adding return fuel lines for electronic ignition (SDS EFI) so I decided to drill the extra holes before deburring the side skins.

I’m using hoses from Aircraft Speciality Flightlines. I purchased fuel fittings from TCW that make it easy to use the existing 1″ holes with AN bulkhead fittings for the supply lines.

I drilled the additional 7/16″ holes for the AN bulkhead elbows that will be used for the supply lines (per the installation guide from Aircraft Specialty).

Hole location marked on the left side of the fuselage. TCW elbow installed in existing hole.

I then removed the skins and removed the vinyl along the rivet lines.

I then started deburring the holes and edges.

Two skins done, two skins to go.