Center Console and Throttle Quadrant

I wasn’t sure about the correct orientation of the faceplate for the fuel selector when I took these photos. The correct clocking is shown in this log entry.

I’m working towards getting the various cover panels ready to paint so I decided to fit the center console and throttle quadrant.

After getting the console lined up I drilled the center console holes into the tunnel cover using a strap duplicator.

The center console fits against the lower console of the Aerosport 310 Panel using a rubber trim piece.

I then drilled the hole for the throttle quadrant friction lock.

I secured the throttle quadrant temporarily to the console, loosened the adjustable feet, then marked the locations of the holes in the tunnel cover.

After drilling the holes, I mounted the console into place over the quadrant and confirmed the alignment.

I decided to split the tunnel cover aft of the fuel selector so that I can access the control system components without having to remove the lower part of the instrument panel and the forward tunnel cover.

I’ll also need to make an opening for the throttle and prop cables so I marked out the spacing that I would need and made some doublers to allow the tunnel sections to be reattached with screws.

The center section is now easy to remove for maintenance.

I then drilled a hole and installed a nutplate to attach the left lower side panel to the rudder pedal support.

Next, I drilled a hole in the center console for the fuel selector extension. I’ll need to widen this later when I mount the fuel selector, but this provides the general position for now.