Forward Tunnel Routing and Fuel Selector

My plan is to route the throttle/prop and A/C lines on top of the forward tunnel cover. To allow the A/C lines to transition to the top of the cover, I removed a portion of the tunnel cover just forward of the fuel selector. I had previously split the cover just aft of the fuel selector and installed tabs to attach the sections together.

I drilled 1/8″ holes for relief and bent a tab to create a smooth transition.

I installed caterpillar grommet to protect the hoses.

I won’t be ordering the throttle and prop cables for a while but I did some test fitting with the rudder trim cables to make sure I could get around the A/C cables and keep clear of the fuel selector extension.

I then decided to mount the fuel selector and trim the extension to length.

I had previously confirmed that the extension that I have (blue) is intended to shift the orientation by 45 degrees. The holes aren’t equally spaced which makes the rear hole a little left of center.

I also decided to plug the slots in the tunnel as I am using the Control Approach rudder pedals which keep the rudder cables inside of the tunnel. I 3d printed some plugs in polycarbonate, glued them into the openings, and primed them to blend in (Onshape model).