Steps Installed

I decided to upsize the steps bolts to AN4 and the hardware arrived this past week. I finished up the steps today and got them permanently installed.

I had previously prepped and primed the steps.

I made a jig to set the step sweep angle.

I decided to install the bolts on an angle such that the bolt would be possible to remove in the future via an access panel.

I 3d printed a drill guide to make sure I had enough clearance and I drilled the pilot hole using a bushing.

I then drilled to 15/64 and finished the hole with an .247 reamer. That gave me a nice clean hole with no play in the bolt which will hopefully keep the steps nice and tight in the future.

I treated the inside of the step tubes (and the step brackets) with Corrosion X and installed TCW step bushings to avoid deformation of the tube when torquing the bolts.

The steps came out rock solid and will hopefully stay that way.

Another section completed!