Tailcone Attach Prep

The tailcone has been removed from the ceiling storage rack!

I made a makeshift cart to support the tailcone and slide it into place behind the fuselage. This thing is getting big!

There are several holes to match drill and dimple on the shared bulkhead.

The longeron attach holes are match drilled next (to #30 then upsized to #12). I used a 3/16

Shims are required to fill the gap between the top skin and the forward longeron. I used the scrap from the triangle that was previously remove from the right tailcone side skin.

These were taped into place to hold them while match drilling through the top skin.

The top skin was then clecoed into place.

The longeron holes were match drilled and the bulkhead holes were final sized.

I also completed the holes along the triangle at the base of the baggage door.

The lower six holes are countersunk for flush rivets.

I then final sized all of the holes that intersect with the bulkhead and matched drilled the aft holes in the bottom skin.

Now it is time to take it apart for deburring and dimpling. Exciting to be close to permanently attaching this!