Aft Fuse Bottom Skins

I worked on the aft fuse bottom skins this evening. These skins had final sized holes (as did all of the ribs) which greatly sped up this task. The only holes to final size were those that corresponded to the bulkheads.

I removed the vinyl from the inside of the skins and deburred the edges with a vixen file.

I also deburred the holes on the inside of the skins since no match drilling was needed.

I then cleaned up the rough edges of the cutouts.

The rear bottom skin is clecoed into place first.

Then the center bottom skin.

I then clecoed the stiffener ribs into the rear footwells. I had previously deburred these. The holes on these parts were also final sized so the only match drilling was the tabs along the bulkheads.

Next, I removed, deburred, and dimpled the stiffeners. These are now ready for priming.

I have decided to mount com antennas under the rear seats. That shipment is on the way so I’m going to fabricate some doubler plates and match drill them before dimpling the bottom skins.