Trim Mount Bracket

I continued with the trim mount bracket so I can prime this when I prime the tailcone parts.

The trim servo spacer mounts to the underside of the bracket and is where the trim servo is attached. This is deburred and shaped to match the bends in the underside of the trim mount bracket.

The anchor brackets are then clecoed and match drilled. I drilled at 1/8” and then final sized with a #30 reamer.

I matched drilled and final sized the trim bell crank brackets in the same manner.

The trim servo spacer was then deburred and countersunk.

Next, I deburred the trim servo links and final sized with a #30 reamer.

I then deburred the trim bell crank and final sized all holes (different sizes) with #30, #12, and 1/4” reamers.

All parts were then final deburred and are now ready for priming.