Tailcone Left Skin Match Drilling

Onwards to the left tailcone skin. The remaining bulkheads are clecoed into place first.

I then removed the vinyl from the inside of the left skin and deburred the edges.

The left stiffeners are then put into place…

… followed by the right skin.

I then match drilled the stiffeners using the same sequence I used on the other side. Hello deer.

I then cut and deburred the rudder stop skin stiffeners and clecoed them into place.

Next, the plans have you cut the rudder stop brace from a length of angle.

I cut the part on the band saw, finished it on the disc sander, deburred it, and clamped it into place.

I put levels across both skins at each end and used a digital level to ensure everything was aligned before match drilling .

I then match drilled the stop brace to the aft bulkhead.

Another page completed.