Tailcone Bulkheads

I spent the rest of my shop time today continuing to prep the tailcone fuselage bulkheads and fuselage frames.

I started with marking and match drilling the F-1011A bulkhead stiffener to the F-1011 fuselage bulkhead. I marked the stiffener, clamped it in place, and match drilled it on the drill press.

I then final sized the elevator attachment bar holes to the bulkhead with a #30 reamer.

Next, I completed the upsizing of the rudder cable holes with a step drill.

I then marked and match drilled the rudder cable angle to the bulkhead.

I next worked on the F-1011 fuselage bulkhead. This has a bracket that is fabricated from 1/8″ x 1″ x 1″ aluminum angle that is used to attach to the aft deck and the horizontal stabilizer. I cut the angle to the rough size on the bandsaw and finished it on the disc sander.

I then separated and deburred the bulkhead doublers.

This all gets clecoed together and match drilled.

I final sized the remaining doubler holes with a #30 reamer on the drill press.

Next up is the F-1008 fuselage frame. More deburring and match drilling.

Then on to the F-1007 fuselage frame. More deburring and match drilling.

This frame has two holes that need to be upsized to 5/8″ for the rudder cables. I completed these on the drill press with a step drill.

The final frame is the F-1006 fuselage bulkhead that sits at the rear of the baggage compartment. I deburred this, clecoed it together, and decided to pause here until the next build session.