Trim Cable Anchor Brackets

I completed a small task this morning by match drilling the trim cable anchor brackets to the trim cable cover plates.

I decided to upgrade to the RV10 Billet Trim Brackets from instead of using the stock parts. There have been reports of the welds failing on these in the past and, while I expect that the welding process has improved since then, I decided to switch them out with the more substantial looking bracket. Per my cheap digital scale, the combined weight for the Van’s parts is about 23 grams and the combined weight for the iFlyRV10 parts is 25 grams.

I marked the cover plates per the measurements in the plans and then clamped the brackets in place.

I then match-drilled the plates using a 1/8″ drill bit on the drill press.

After drilling I final-sized the holes with a #30 reamer.

One more small task completed.

It has been mentioned on the VAF forums that it is challenging to thread the anchor brackets to the trim cables with the cover plates attached so I made a note to skip the riveting step (page 9-15, step 7) until final assembly.