More Elevator Deburring and Dimpling

I continued deburring and dimpling today to get the elevator parts ready for priming.

I started with the dimpling of the forward spars. I then dimpled and countersank the rear spars. The rear spar countersinks coincide with the trim tab hinge to allow the hinge to sit flush with the spar flange. The remaining flange holes are dimpled.

I then deburred and dimpled the root ribs, the inspar ribs, and the tip ribs.

Finally I countersank the trailing edge wedges on the drill press. I clecoed the two wedges together as a simple way to keep the countersinks flush to the wedge surface. I used a small piece of 1/4″ plywood as a shim on the drill press table to make room for the clecos protruding on the other side of the wedges.

Almost ready for priming! I need to add a slight bend to the skin trailing edges and then do a final deburring pass before washing, etching, and getting the parts loaded up into the paint booth.