Elevator Drilling, Disassembly, and Deburring

I wrapped up the year with a full day of work on the airplane.

We started out by match drilling the skin holes on the right elevator.

We then deburred and dimpled the trim access panel parts. I also dimpled the tabs on the nutplates and set them aside for later.

Then comes the step where you take everything apart for deburring. Yay.

Every part was carefully marked to make sure that we will put them back together in the same places later.

Once everything was disassembled I started working on the skins. I removed the bluing along the rivet lines and removed the bluing entirely from the inside of the skins.

I then deburred the edges of all of the skins with a vixen file and some emery cloth.

Next up was deburring all of the holes in the skins. One at a time. Both sides. I completed three of the four skins and called it quits for the year.