Continuing with the Elevators

I proceeded to do more prep work on the elevator parts this evening.

I started by separating the four shear clips. I rough cut these on the band saw and final-sized them on a disc sander.

I then fetched the elevator skins from my parts shelves (the parts shelves are slowly getting emptied!) and removed the bluing from the tabs that needed bent. I marked the bend lines on the skins and set them aside for now as it will be easier to bend the tabs using my regular workbenches (which are currently holding the horizontal stabilizer). I’ll come back to the elevator skins once I get the horizontal stabilizer completed.

I then deburred the elevator front spars and hinge reinforcement plates. I final-sized the common holes with a reamer in the drill press and then deburred the holes.

After marking everything I then started on the upsizing of the trim cable routing holes. I used the drill press and upsized the holes to 5/8″ using a step drill.

Since I hadn’t bent the tabs in the skins yet I proceeded with deburring the root ribs, the rear spar, the trim access reinforcement plates, and the elevator gussets.

My new flush rivet set arrives tomorrow so it’ll be back to the horizontal stabilizer until that is complete.