Vertical Stabilizer Complete!

I reviewed my work yesterday with our local EAA Technical Counselor before proceeding with closing up the vertical stabilizer. Thanks Larry for stopping by – much appreciated!

We decided to replace one rivet where a rib flange tab was separated from the skin. I used a rubber washer on the bucking bar to put pressure on the tab while starting to set the rivet. That resolved the problem and secured the flange tightly against the skin.

After that, I proceeded to finish up the remaining riveting on the vertical stabilizer. I am slowly getting more comfortable with the rivet gun. I used the squeezer for the edges of the skin but had to buck a few of the rivets around the rudder hinge brackets.

The second tab from the top left had a gap between the tab and the skin. I don’t have a before picture but this is the result after replacing the rivet.
The inner spar rivets require reaching with the bucking bar. I went slowly and I’m happy with how they came out.
First assembly completed! Looks like part of a real airplane.
Someday this will be moving through the air at 200 mph.