Battery/Ground Wire Firewall Lugs

I crimped the lugs onto the battery and ground wires at the firewall while I still have easy access.

I am using Perihelion Design Fatwire CCA which takes a 1/0 AWG equivalent lug. I used TE Connectivity #321868 lugs (TERMINAL SOLIS RING 1/0 3/8) which have a 3/8″ ring for the studs in the firewall power bushings that I am using. I used a Temco TH1818 hydraulic crimp tool to crimp the lugs.

I ordered one extra lug and did a test on a wire sample first. I couldn’t budge the crimp with a pull test with all of my weight.

I then crimped the lugs on the battery and ground wires.

I didn’t want to drill a hole in the gusset that bridges the longeron to the firewall, so I chose to print a polycarbonate part to secure the wires instead. I also bonded zip tie mounts (with 3M DP-2216 adhesive) to the side skin to secure the wire in the space between the side channel and the gusset.

I used GripLockTies over some heat shrink to keep things from moving around with the vibrations up front.

The end result is very solid and secure. I’ll add covers over the terminal studs in the final install.