Baggage Door Complete

The baggage door section of the plans is now complete!

I took my time while riveting to make sure everything remained in alignment. This required clecoing/unclecoing the inside panel multiple times while riveting the skin to the baggage door frame.

I made several adjustments as I went and it all lined up very well in the end.

I then installed the close-out panel and installed the strike plate and a lock from Aircraft Spruce.

The left baggage cover was then riveted permanently into place.

I chose to make the baggage door removable as others have done by removing the inner portion of 3 eyelets at the midpoint of the hinge. I 3d printed a polycarbonate clip to secure the hinge pins . This is secured via a #6 screw to a nutplate behind the door frame.

Another section of the plans is complete!