Baggage Area Complete!

I finished up the remaining work in the baggage area section of the plans, starting with the right baggage panel. This is match drilled to the longeron, the baggage floor, and the bulkhead.

I then match drilled the holes for the baggage bulkhead corrugations and drilled the corresponding holes for nutplate rivets.

I am using the upper bulkhead that is supplied with the Airflow Systems A/C instead of the stock corrugated bulkhead. This is pre-cut for the A/C return air ducts and the rear cabin air supply vents.

The holes were then deburred and dimpled.

The lower holes on the left side were countersunk.

I then dimpled the nutplates and riveted them into place.

Next up was fabricating the wear blocks for the rear seat belt cables. These were drilled per the specs and match drilled to the bulkheads.

I then deburred, etched, and primed the panels.

I then riveted the nutplates to the lower corrugated bulkhead and riveted the right baggage cover into place.

Another section of the plans is complete!