Firewall Riveting

I started riveting the firewall yesterday but I noticed a problem before getting too far. The WD-1002-R-PC upper firewall bracket does not align well with the F-1004G-L rivet line. I clecoed the F-1040-R side channel into place to check the fit and the right side is shifted inwards by more than 1/8″ as compared to the left bracket.

There will be no way to match drill through the top of the F-1040-R side channel into WD-1002-R-PC without hitting the edge of the powder coated bracket. I tried clamping but there would be too much force required to move it enough to get adequate edge distance.

You can see the problem clearly when looking down the inside of the side channel. The cleco shows the line of holes that will be drilled relative to the bracket.

Here is the left bracket for comparison. Much better.

Given that these brackets will hold the engine on, I talked to Van’s and they agreed to replace the faulty bracket at no charge.

I riveted most of the firewall parts that avoid the top right corner and I’ll come back to the firewall later.

I also noticed that the rivets that are recommended for the powder coated brackets are a bit on the short side. I think I will order some 6 rivets to give me a bit more length to work with.

I back-riveted most of the rivets and they came out really well.

I have plenty of other things I can do so I’ll set the firewall aside for now until the replacement part and rivets arrive