Getting Started on the Firewall

While waiting for the primer to harden up, I got started on the firewall.

There are a lot of parts that attach to the firewall so this mostly involved digging through parts, removing vinyl, and deburring edges.

I dimpled the interior holes in the firewall recess and riveted the corners. I also upsized the holes for the engine control cables.

After doing this per the plans I realized that I hadn’t considered how the plans deal with the firewall passthroughs. After doing a bit more research I concluded that I probably want to do something more robust (and fire resistant) than the approach that is called for later in the plans.

I will likely end up using eyeball firewall passthroughs for these cables which will require a different hole layout. I won’t be doing further work on the firewall for now so I’ll probably end up ordering a new recess.

It is exciting to be working this far forward on the plane but back to the aft fuselage for now..