Fuselage Bulkhead Riveting Complete

I finished up the remaining riveting on the aft bulkheads this evening.

I set all of the rivets with the factory head on the forward side of the aft bulkhead. All of these were set with a bucking bar.

I then trimmed, drilled, and riveted the wear strip to the top flange.

After this assembly was completed, I moved on to the rear spar bulkhead assembly.

There are variety of parts to rivet together here. I set the nutplate rivets with the squeezer.

I also set the rear spar attach bar rivets with the pneumatic squeezer, shop head facing aft per the plans.

I set the idler rivets with a bucking bar.

The gusset rivets were tricky and I used the squeezer where I could. The remaining were set with a couple of different bucking bars.

Next up was the fuselage bulkhead assembly. There are 12 rivets here that were easy to set with the squeezer.

I installed the snap bushings and finished up this assembly.

I still don’t have the forward center section bulkhead so I’ll move on to priming the seat rib subassemblies next.