Static System Plumbing

I am installing the static system plumbing in the tailcone prior to riveting the top skin in place.

I decided to route the static lines from each static port upwards to a tee to prevent water instrusion or accumulation in the lines.

I chose to route the shared line along the left upper stiffener. I plan on routing this back down on the left side of the plane. I plan to have a G5 in the left side of the panel and two GSU 25s on the left side of the sub-panel. The pitot/AoA will also be on the left side of the plane so this should hopefully keep the pitot/static system tidy.

I fabricated two brackets to attach the static line to the stiffener and fabricated a bracket to attach the tee to the bulkhead just behind the static ports. I used the existing tooling hole for an AN3 bolt.

I used an additional adel clamp in the tooling hole on the left side to further secure the tubing.

I’m happy with how it came out. I bundled up the remaining tubing and wrapped it with a bag to protect it until way later in the build.