Static Ports

I attached the static ports today. I am using the Cleaveland Tool static port kit instead of the Van’s static ports.

I decided to use 3M 2216 Epoxy Adhesive instead of proseal to attach the static ports. I didn’t like the idea of using proseal and another builder had mentioned using this product. The adhesive is designed specifically for environments with vibration and flexing.

I had previously scuffed the skins and taped off the static port area before priming. I cleaned the skins again with acetone. I also scuffed the attachment surfaces of the static ports and cleaned them with acetone.

I then mixed up a small quantity of epoxy and added a bead of it to the static ports.

I inserted the ports into the holes and twisted them slightly to spread the adhesive.

I then clamped the ports into place to hold them while the epoxy cures (12 hrs).