Horizontal Stabilizer Riveting

I continued riveting the horizontal stabilizer this evening. I riveted the inboard inspar ribs to the stringer web, riveted the stringers to the web, and then riveted the outboard ends of the stringers together. The flange-nose squeezer yoke came in really handy again – very glad I made that purchase.

Next up is riveting the stringer assembly to the front spar. The inboard inspar ribs are skipped for now as the nose ribs share the same holes. The other 4 most inboard ribs on each side are riveted for now. I completed all of these rivets with the squeezer (yup, the flange-nose yoke again).

All rivets to spec the first time – calling that a win. Skin riveting is up next which means I need to break out the rivet gun and bucking bar..