Wing and Fuselage Kits Ordered!

I have been making steady progress on the empennage kit and I have been wanting to get the next kits ordered as soon as possible. I have been going back and forth on normal build vs. quick build and I ultimately decided that having a flying airplane sooner is more valuable to me than having the satisfaction of assembling every part of it myself.

The RV-10 quick build kits currently have an 8 month lead team so I settled on quick build wings and a normal build fuselage. The fuselage kit is 14 weeks out which should give me plenty of time to complete the empennage kit and give me something to work on prior to the wings arriving. If I finish up early I figure that I can get started on the fiberglass work.

I made the following deletions from the kits:

Wing Kit

I plan to use Aveo ZipTips instead of the standard Van’s wingtips

  • Delete wingtips
  • Delete landing light lens

Fuselage Kit

I plan to upgrade to an Andair Fuel Valve

  • Delete 1 BAG 487-1 FUEL VALVE RV-10 ONLY

I plan to upgrade the aluminum heater boxes to stainless steel

  • Delete 1 Vent TG-1010 L&R RV-10 Heat boxes (x2)

I plan to upgrade to Cee Bailey windows

  • Delete C-1005 WINDSHIELD RV-10
  • Delete C-1004-L REAR LEFT WINDOW
  • Delete C-1004-R RIGHT REAR WINDOW

I plan to upgrade to Control Approach Rudder Pedals

  • Delete F-1052 Brake Pedal Set (x2)
  • Delete F-1052B Brake Pedal Side Plate (x2)
  • Delete F-1052C
  • Delete WD-1006-R Rudder Pedal
  • Delete WD-1006-L Rudder Pedal
  • Delete F-6115 Rudder Bar Bearing Block (center)